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DiamondPen™ FREE 5x Color Inks

DiamondPen™ FREE 5x Color Inks

DiamondPen™ FREE 5x Color Inks

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DiamondPen™ Story:

When we created The DiamondPen™ our mission was to give the creativity and the freedom back to the people for whatever their heart desires. We are tryng to bring back the art of ink writing with the most beautiful glass dip pen on the market. Everything from calligraphy to drawing is possible with DiamondPen™.


DiamondPen™ Packaging:

  • 1x DiamondPen™
  • 5x Diamond Pen Inks
  • 1x Diamond Pen Holder

DiamondPen™ Benefits:

  • You only need a 10-second cleaning before switching colors, just swish in water and dry with a paper towel
  • Unique design, perfect for drawing but also for collection
  • Looks cool, feels good in the hand, comfortable weight and perfect length
  • Exquisite twisting pattern pulses through the shaft of the pen.




If multiple item's are ordered it is possible that they may come in separate packages because we ship from multiple warehouses.


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